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The Art of Listening on Social Media

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 - No Comments

Forrester Research released a study in 2011 claiming that over ¾ of business are regularly monitoring social media for conversations about their brands and/or the industry. Are you a part of this majority? And if so, do you have a listening strategy that not only affords your brand the opportunity to listen, but also to UNDERSTAND, and ACT upon what your audience is saying?

Here are five helpful hints when creating a listening strategy for your brand:

  1. Assign the task to someone. Have this person accountable to your team to report back findings. Talking about having a strategy and actually implementing are two different things – by assigning someone the task to monitor, you have the set the wheels in motion.
  2. Leverage tools. This is especially important when resources are slim. There are a number of different paid and free conversation monitoring tools available. See which one(s) best suit the needs of your team and move forward.
  3. Be specific on what exactly you are listening for – this will cut down on unnecessary time wasted scouring the Internet. Define key words, competitors, trends, products, executives, whatever it may be that you want to listen for conversations around.
  4. Empower your social media team to respond. It’s important to not only listen, but engage in conversations online, as a human, not a robotic brand.
  5. Design a feedback mechanism. Make sure the results of the listening can actually be reported back and incorporated into your new and improved marketing efforts – else why spend the time?

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