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Does Your Brand Have a Pulse?

Posted on: April 6th, 2012 - No Comments

Brands that win in social media are not those that constantly advertise in the same marketing-speak, robotic, corporate tone of voice, but those that engage with their customers like a real human being; building trust and loyalty amongst their audience.

Brand-building has traditionally been an exercise in pushing the most flattering, corporate-approved messaging possible. However, today, brand-building has evolved into so much more – now it’s about still being able to provide information, but also being able to engage and interact with customers in a real, non-corporate kind of way. So, how do you help your brand develop a strong pulse in the social media world? Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Enable your employees. Enabling doesn’t mean giving social media managers a book of “acceptable” responses or social media posts, it means trusting them enough to represent your brand honestly. Your employees are the front lines of any brand, and therefore should be enabled to represent your brand to customers in a way that portrays the “real” side of your brand. One in which customers can interact with.
  2. Keep the marketing lingo at-bay. No one wants to read a press release boilerplate, or a portion of your latest marketing brochure about a product or service, and if they did, they would certainly seek out that information. When interacting in the social media world, try and limit the marketing speak and talk to your customers that way you would have a normal conversation.
  3. Mobilize the troops. Put key, outspoken customers or stakeholders to work! Often times, they will be excited that you are entrusting them with your brand! They will be excited to help spread the word, and even better, other customers are more likely to trust the words of non-employees about your brand then actual employees. It’s a win-win!
  4. Ditch the old “your way or the high way approach”. Your brand is no longer what YOU say it is, but rather what THEY (your customers) say it is. So don’t stand up there with a megaphone and dictate, be open to debate and LISTEN to your customers when they have opinion. After all, customers can help architect better messaging and marketing campaigns for your brand if you truly listen.
  5. Simply being there is not enough. Just because you have a twitter account of Facebook page doesn’t mean you are interacting with customers. Be timely, relevant, and regularly engage with your stakeholders. The results will be surprisingly. You might just learn something.

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