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Women are the Decision Makers

Posted on: October 29th, 2011 - 14 Comments

It’s a fact: women are responsible for 90% of all health care decisions (AAFP) Yes, you read that right, women control MOST of the purchasing power for household health and wellness products and services — that’s 90% of $150B that is spent on health and wellness products and services by U.S. consumers alone.

These influential, and powerful women are the “Chief Health and Wellness Officers” for their families. Why? Because women:

  • Proactively seek medical information for themselves and their loved ones: 9 out of 10 women seek health information via the Web (National Marketing Institute)
  • Are more social media savvy than ever: 73% of online women are now active social media users engaging at least weekly with top social media platforms (Nielsen Company)
  • Influence others to take action: 33% of women with a health condition go online to find other women like them for advice (Pew Internet Research Project)
  • Are the buyer in today’s market: Women wield formidable purchasing power, controlling $5 Trillion in spending annually (Vertis Communications)


As a health and wellness marketer, what are YOU doing to adjust your marketing to reach, engage and influence HER?

14 Responses

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