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The Gift of Content

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 - 1 Comment

For the past two decades, I have been marketing and selling in industries that continually define their value proposition based on their most precious asset, content. We all proclaim, Content is King! In fact, you might even be able to claim some superiority if you have more content in one form or another. Supremacy is measured by words, pages, titles, key words, programs all centered by amassed volume!

The fact remains, size does matter when you are establishing a monarchy. Content leads an empire over technology and services, neither could exist without some type of content.

Having content simply to have content, however, is useless if it’s not relevant and engaging. Originality creates the highest value. Content has the most power when mixed in with personality that uses real stories, experience and expertise. In the end, content with integrity matters more.

Where your content kingdom resides is also imperative to the value. Original content with personality is irrelevant if it is invisible. It needs a home that is warm, inviting and engaging. Finding it in the back allies of the Internet, also known as page 13 in search, simply means you might have good content but picked a bad location. The neighborhood of your content will have an impact on the value. Your content rules when you consider optimizing the location, location, location!

To be the King of Content requires careful planning and having a targeted audience will keep you on top.  Great content is a gift to your audience. Content is the gift that keeps on giving and giving if you leverage quality and quantity matched equally with location. Work with a publisher that reaches your audience, an audience who will appreciate your influence and expertise. Then, you can rise to the top and really declare that your content is king!

Jamie Glass
Senior Vice President of Sales, EmpowHER Media
Twitter: @EmpowHERJamie

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  1. Kelley Howard says:

    Excellent points Jamie. For Health information specifically, people are seeking useful and helpful information, this should be used as the guide when creating health related content for your potential customers and patients.

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