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The Art of Listening on Social Media

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Forrester Research released a study in 2011 claiming that over ¾ of business are regularly monitoring social media for conversations about their brands and/or the industry. Are you a part of this majority? And if so, do you have a listening strategy that not only affords your brand the opportunity to listen, but also to UNDERSTAND, and ACT upon what your audience is saying?

Here are five helpful hints when creating a listening strategy for your brand:

  1. Assign the task to someone. Have this person accountable to your team to report back findings. Talking about having a strategy and actually implementing are two different things – by assigning someone the task to monitor, you have the set the wheels in motion.
  2. Leverage tools. This is especially important when resources are slim. There are a number of different paid and free conversation monitoring tools available. See which one(s) best suit the needs of your team and move forward.
  3. Be specific on what exactly you are listening for – this will cut down on unnecessary time wasted scouring the Internet. Define key words, competitors, trends, products, executives, whatever it may be that you want to listen for conversations around.
  4. Empower your social media team to respond. It’s important to not only listen, but engage in conversations online, as a human, not a robotic brand.
  5. Design a feedback mechanism. Make sure the results of the listening can actually be reported back and incorporated into your new and improved marketing efforts – else why spend the time?

Crowdsourcing: Empowering Patients To Shape Your Marketing Campaigns

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The reason that healthcare is so alive in the social media space is simple — human beings have a strong, possibly innate, need to connect, interact and share information about their health.  That goes for patients and caregivers alike.  It’s no accident that Facebook and Twitter have numerous online forums devoted to specific conditions and their treatment. Consider:

Marketing to consumers today is about reaching out to their online spaces with meaningful information they can incorporate into their everyday lives. In the highly-regulated, social space-restrictive environment created by the FDA and FTC, engaging patients and caregivers through social media to help solve your marketing problems may sound adventurous, or even downright scary to your med/legal team.

That’s where crowdsourcing comes in.

Crowdsourcing is a way to quickly obtain feedback and direction from relevant online audiences about your campaign/communications challenge—think of crowdsourcing as a cross between a focus group and a quantitative survey. It’s a very effective tool for listening to the needs of female audiences.  To better determine the role crowdsourcing could play in pharma, we decided to conduct a social experiment.

We kept the exercise simple and designed a crowdsourcing experiment that enlisted caregivers of cancer patients.  According to estimates by the Family Caregiver Alliance, 66% of caregivers are female. One-third (34%), takes care of two or more people, and the average age of a female caregiver is 48. We asked caregivers to better define their needs and perceived duties around the task of caregiving.  Then we asked them what they needed from a support program. What we learned opened our eyes to the power and passion of individuals.

A short survey consisting of just three questions was designed and pushed out to 37 different online groups across several social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and forums—all  cancer-related social networks. I used my real name, my actual Gmail account (or forum-specific identity for transparency), and clearly stated that I was interested in creating better caregiver/patient support programs.


Is Authenticity Healthy for Your Brand?

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For years, marketers and consultants have all but emblazoned this concept onto the computers of such talented social media practitioners tasked with the arduous task of maintaining a brands presence in the digital world. In fact, to be authentic, is usually one of the first or second “rules” printed in social media handbooks for employees to understand and follow. But this concept begs the questions, can brands truly be authentic, and if they were, is it healthy for their image?

In an article on socialmediatoday, one marketer dares to prove why authenticity is simply a concept that will continue to elude brands. To be “authentic” is to be transparent, genuine, and of unquestionable origin. When was the last time you signed into your favorite website and saw a deal promoting a discount on a yoga class, workout gear or even a supplements, with the supporting material around the promotion offering visitors a chance to “get healthy,” or “workout in style.”  The truth of the matter is, most corporations give away items at a discounted rate to either make room for newer, more expensive merchandise aimed to bring in a larger profit, or, to “hook” customers with an enticing offer to get them coming back to buy more. So, to be truly authentic, according to the genuine definition of the word, would require marketers to ditch the special offer talk and tell their customers why they are REALLY giving away discounted items or services. More over, to be truly authentic requires marketers to bare ALL the elements of their brands – imperfections and all. This is something that would keep the brand manager up at night with heartburn, having spent years crafting the perfect “image” to their customers. (more…)

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For the Love of Social

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We want to celebrate Valentine’s Day all week long by spreading some love – love for the hottest topics for healthcare marketers that is. Today, let’s talk social.

For the Love of Social

Checklist: Engaging in a Social Environment

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Social Health is a 21st Century Movement

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Your Ticket to Social Health

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New year, new EmpowHER Media – New focus on social health, how we define it and why it matters to you and your brand, new navigation, visual style & up-to-date pulse on social conversations. Check it out!

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Social Health – How do we define it and why does it matter?

Posted on: November 18th, 2011 - 1 Comment

Historically, Social Health has described the overall state of well-being for societies and the individuals who live and participate in them a sociological yard stick for measuring how people interact with each other within the moral, legal and communal rules and regulations that govern the societies in which they live.

This is the age-old definition, one that will never lose its place in the dialogue, but one that is uniquely positioned to evolve with the ubiquitous use of the Internet and the proliferation of social networks, applications and even social movements on the Web.

At EmpowHER we describe Social Health as a 21st century movement where health care practitioners and providers, health and wellness brands, and consumers are coming together using social media tools and social networking platforms to improve health, change and save lives. We define Social Health as health and wellness by the people, for the people.

This extends beyond just patient empowerment or even patient advocacy. Let’s face it, not all of us are patients. An increasingly large number of people are healthy and well, with no chronic or acute diseases to manage, just a healthy lifestyle to maintain. (more…)